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CRA Revenues and Expeditures for Each District
In the City of Daytona Beach, there are 5 Community Redevelopment Areas. Do you want to know how much revenue was collected in each district? How much was spent? Click here for current & historical info...
Do you know your flood hazard and have flood insurance?
Flood insurance is available anywhere in Daytona Beach. Please take time to protect your property for yourself and your family. For more information, contact your insurance agent, call (386) 671-8807 or get more information from our website. Additional Info...
State of the City of Daytona Beach 2017
Mayor Derrick Henry provided 2017 "State of the City" presentation in a video highlighting recent growth, accomplishments and priority initiatives. Watch video now...
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Tides for Friday, April 28th

          Time         Tide
        4:04 AM         Low
      10:15 AM         High
        4:14 PM         Low
      10:40 PM         High

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Daytona Beach Learn how Daytona Beach came to be known as the "World's Most Famous Beach."
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