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Rental Property Program
The City of Daytona Beach recognizes the need for safe, decent, well-maintained residential rental property within the city. In 2012, the City Commission adopted an ordinance creating a Residential Rental Inspection Program.

The program is designed to proactively identify blighted, deteriorated and substandard rental housing stock and to ensure the rehabilitation or elimination of such housing that does not meet minimum standards. These standards not only address life, health and safety issues but also the results of deferred or inadequate maintenance.

The Rental Inspection Program requires property owners register their rental properties and that each rental property pass an inspection on a biennial basis. Minimum standards have been established for a property's exterior and interior. 

Rental & Business Tax License Merge FY 2018

The City of Daytona Beach has merged Business Tax license fees with Rental License renewals for the upcoming fiscal year 2018. This merge was done to streamline our billing process by only generating one invoice to cover both license fees. Your invoice will look slightly different but there is no additional fees associated with this merged account. Your total license fees will remain the same. You will be issued two licenses after payment has been processed and posted to your account. Please call our office 386-671-8173 with any questions about the merge fees or your licenses.

Obtaining a License

To rent a single-family home, duplex, triplex or fourplex in Daytona Beach, property owners must obtain a city-issued rental property license. (The State of Florida regulates residential rental properties with five or more units.) This license must be renewed annually, and the cost is based on the number of units on the property. Additionally, there is an annual reinspection fee. 

 Initial application fee:  $40                                                 
 Initial inspection fee:  $50 (per unit)
 Annual license renewal fee:  $15
 Annual inspection fee:  $68 (per unit) 
 Each re-inspection fee after 
 2nd failed inspection:

If you have questions, please call (386) 671-8173.

Application Process
Property owners or registered agents can obtain a rental license application online or in person at City Hall, 301 South Ridgewood Avenue, on the first floor room 127. Applications and payments may also be mailed to City Hall; however, please call (386) 671-8173 prior to sending to ensure the proper payment amount is enclosed. (Please do not send cash in the mail.) 

To obtain rental property license, you must complete and submit the following:
  • Business Tax Receipt Application Note: Type of business equals rental property
  • Payment for the license and inspection - Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted
  • Proof of ownership
  • As of November 1, 2015, a Consent to Enter and Inspect form must be completed and signed by the owner, landlord, property manager, tenant or other authorized person given such authority.