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File Online Police Report
Daytona Beach Police Department Online Reporting System
  • If you have a suspect, you cannot use this system.
  • Please read the following information carefully before starting your report.
  • If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1.
  • You must have a return email address in order to file the online report.

If you have questions about using this system, please call (386) 671-5447.

When to Use the Online Reporting System
Welcome to the Daytona Beach Police Department's Online Reporting System. This service is being offered as a convenient method to quickly report specific nonemergency, non-life-threatening crimes. Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free. Please confirm the following to find out if online citizen police report filing is right for you:
  • This is not an emergency or an in progress crime.
  • This incident occurred within the Daytona Beach city limits.
  • There are no known suspects.
  • There were no firearms or other weapons involved.
  • You are at least 18 years old.

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you are ready to file your report online. Please make sure to turn off your pop-up blocking software before filing the report. If you answered no to any of the questions above, please view our Online Police Reporting FAQs.

Report Completion
Upon completion of this report process you will see "Your online police report has been submitted." showing that your police report is complete. You will be given a police temporary report case number. You will then be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records.

Reporting Process
The Daytona Beach Police Department's Online Reporting process is as follows:
  1. Choose from one of the report types available.
  2. After choosing your report type, a window will open with on-screen instructions about how to file your report.
  3. After completing your report, you will be given the opportunity to review what you've entered.
  4. After the reviewing process, you will then be prompted to submit your report.
  5. After you submit a report, a temporary report number will be emailed to you so long as you:
    • Provided a valid email address.
    • Made sure to turn off your pop-up blocking software.
  6. A Daytona Beach police officer will then review your case. Please note that during the review process the officer may contact you for further information.
  7. You will receive another email after the officer finishes reviewing the report. This email will contain a final copy of the report for your records with the official report number.

Reports submitted not meeting the online reporting criteria may be rejected.

False Police Reports
Filing a false police report is a crime according to Florida State Statute 837.05.

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