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Hazardous Materials Response Team
HAZMATThe Daytona Beach Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team was formed in 1979 to safely mitigate emergencies involving hazardous material leaks / spills within our jurisdiction and provide mutual aid assistance and maximized use of limited resources.

In 1983, the Volusia County Hazardous Materials Response Team was officially created, with the Daytona Beach Fire Department serving as a vital component. Today, this 65-member, multiagency response team includes participation from 10 municipal fire departments, including Volusia County Fire Services, and support personnel from departments of Road & Bridge, Transportation, Emergency Management and Environmental Management.

Daytona Beach Members
The Daytona Beach Fire Department maintains members on the Volusia County Hazardous Materials Response team. 

Team members receive specialized training in hazardous material handling techniques, including Haz-Mat I and II (prerequisites), Haz-Mat III and NFPA competencies at the awareness, operational and technician levels. This hazardous materials training is ongoing and includes joint monthly training, periodic drills and annual LEPC exercises.

The Daytona Beach metropolitan area has numerous facilities containing hazardous materials necessary to their manufacture or operations. Additionally, transportation corridors to major industrial complexes beyond our jurisdiction pass directly through Daytona Beach (including I-95, I-4, SR-5, US-1, and the Intracoastal Waterway). With more than 50,000 registered chemicals in use today, the risk to public safety is answered through the collective efforts of all VCHMRT participants.