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Traffic Unit
STEP Program
The main goal of the Traffic Unit is the reduction of traffic related injuries and fatalities through proactive enforcement efforts, superior traffic engineering and community education programs designed to create a higher awareness of traffic safety.

The Traffic Unit strives daily to achieve this goal through the implementation and strict adherence to the STEP (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program) program. This program identifies, through traffic crash data, major intersections that have a high frequency of traffic crashes. Once a particular intersection has been identified, Officers aggressively and proactively address dangerous moving violations (running red lights, speeding, careless driving) that contribute to traffic crashes in that intersection, which may result in damage and/or injuries.

In addition to the Traffic Units proactive approach to the enforcement of state traffic laws, the Officers also enforce both city and state parking ordinances and laws.

Special Events
The Traffic Unit is also heavily involved with the traffic management for several Special Events that occur yearly in Daytona Beach. During these Special Event periods, Traffic Officers are tasked with maintaining and ensuring the expedient movement of hundreds of thousands of visitors for events such as:
  • The Daytona 500
  • Bike Week
  • Spring Break
  • Biketoberfest

In a coordinated effort with the Citys Traffic Engineering Department, traffic is moved efficiently in and around the Special Event venue easing traffic congestion, reducing the risk of traffic related incidents and creating a more enjoyable experience for visitors to the City of Daytona Beach.

Traffic Homicides
The Traffic Unit is also responsible for the investigation of any traffic homicides (THI) that may occur within the city limits. Officers investigating scenes where serious injury or death occurs, use the latest in laser technology and computer equipment to investigate and document the scene of the incident for later reference. Traffic Unit officers are additionally responsible for the investigation and documentation of less serious and minor crashes as well as Hit and Run accidents.