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Flood Insurance
Purchasing Flood Insurance
If you would like to purchase flood insurance, contact your insurance insurance agent. Homeowner’s insurance policies do not normally cover damage from floods. Flood insurance can also be obtained through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Since the city participates in the NFIP, a separate flood insurance policy can be obtained for a reduced rate. This type of insurance is backed by the federal Government and is available to everyone, even if your property has been previously flooded.

To find out more about this flood insurance, contact an insurance agent. The Floodsmart website is very resourceful and can help you choose an agent.

It is important to note that there is usually a 30-day waiting period before the flood insurance policy takes effect, so do not wait until a storm threatens before securing flood insurance. You will probably want to include the contents of your home, as most regular policies do not cover contents such as furniture.

Flood Zone Determination
If you are interested in protecting your home with flood insurance and you want to know if you are in a flood zone you may call the Utilities Engineering Division at (386) 671-8807 and ask for a flood zone determination. There is no charge for this service for property owners. In most cases, all that’s needed is the street address. If it is a vacant land without an address, the parcel ID number or legal description may be required to determine the location of the property. The city will make every attempt to return a telephone call within 24-48 hours, depending on volume of requests. Please remember to leave your name, telephone number, and the street address of the property.

If you need a copy of an elevation certificate for a property address located inside the special flood hazard area (SFHA) built since 2002, call the Utilities Engineering at (386) 671-8807.
Other Ways to Get a Flood Zone Determination
  • Go to the FEMA website. Step-by-step directions are available to assist you in locating your address and printing an official Firmette. This is a free service.
  • Go to the FEMA Hazards page to determine the flood risk where you live.
  • Visit the City Island Library. The library has paper copies of all the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).
  • View our interactive flood zone map.

The decision to purchase flood insurance should not be made solely on whether or not the property is in the 100-year flood plain or a lender requires it. Flooding occurs in many homes and places of business, which are not in the flood plain.

  • Information about flood insurance, flood protection and NFIP is located in the Public Library at City Island. You can call the NFIP at (888) 379-953, TDD (800) 427-5593 or visit FEMA’s website.
  • The Florida Department of Insurance (DOI) has published a guide for consumers that is very informative. This guide is easy to understand and contains important information.
  • View additional information provided by NFIP / CRS program.
  • View Ask the Expert
  • Report  your concerns to FEMA by calling (202) 566-1600 or sending to:
    500 C St.
    SW Washington, D.C. 20472