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Protect Natural Floodplain Functions
Natural and Beneficial Functions of the Floodplain
Flood plains are areas adjacent to rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans that are periodically flooded at different points in time. Flood plains are hydrologically important, environmentally sensitive and ecologically productive areas that perform many natural functions. They contain both cultural and natural resources that are of a great value of society. Flooding occurs naturally along every river and coastal area. Flood waters can carry nutrient-rich sediments which contribute to a fertile environment for vegetation.  Floodplains are beneficial for wildlife by creating a variety of habitats for fish and other animals. In addition floodplains are important because of storage and conveyance, protection of water quality and recharge of groundwater. Due to the scenic value that floodplains provide, they are ideal locations for parks. Water oriented sports and recreational activities such as boating, fishing and swimming are all dependent on floodplain areas. Development in floodplains causes decreases in water quality, loss of wildlife habitats and an increase and frequency of flood losses. 

Understanding the importance of maintaining the natural functions of floodplains leads to better floodplain management approaches that will better protect the natural and beneficial functions of floodplains. 

The city’s Land Development Code provides for environmental regulations that limit the impacts to the natural environment including wetlands, surface waters, groundwater, wellfields and floodplains.  The environmental regulations to protect natural areas and functions may be found in Article 6 Section 6.15 of the LDC:

Natural Areas in the City of Daytona Beach
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Tiger Bay Wildlife Management Area

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