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Animal Control
The animal control officers patrol the city to locate and catch stray animals. They respond to calls involving loose, injured, vicious or rabid animals and the mistreatment of animals. Animal Control also has the authority to investigate animal bite complaints and issue warnings to the owners of these animals. They also issue notices and make written complaints against animal owners who refuse to comply with laws and ordinances.

Animal Control is comprised of civilian animal control officers trained in the humane capture of wild and domestic animals. Their primary function is the enforcement of animal related city ordinances.

To report a violation, please call (386) 671-5455 or use our online form.

Deceased animals on roadways
The city's waste contractor will pick up dead animal carcasses within the city limits when they are found on city, county and state roads; in city rights of way; or on city property. Animals are collected within 24 hours.

To request a pick-up of a deceased animal on a roadway, in the rights of way, or on city property within the City limits, please call (386) 846-8962.

Have you found or lost a pet?
This Facebook page is designed to assist pet owners in Volusia and Flagler County.