Location Requirements for New Business

Home Based Business

  • Is your intended business permitted to be located in your home?
    • Examples of home based businesses include but are not limited to: accounting/clerical, professional services, home daycares and contractors. For more information concerning what types of businesses are permitted to be based in your home, please contact Permits & Licensing at (386) 671-8140.

Commercial Business

  • Does the Zoning Classification of your location permit your type of business?
    • With Daytona Beach’s interactive Zoning Map you can find out which zoning designation your location is in and other location details. The map can be found here. Official approval may still be needed regardless of any use of maps linked above.
  • Is your business in a redevelopment area such as Downtown, S. Atlantic, Main Street, Ballough Road or Midtown?
    • If so, there may be additional requirements for those areas. More information concerning requirements in each redevelopment area can be found at this website. 
  • Is business signage needed?
    • If so, you will need to apply for an additional permit which can be done on the Permits & Licensing website.

Once approved, you will be contacted to schedule an inspection of the property if one is required.