Targeted Populations

Community Paramedic

Frequent Falls - Program seeks to mitigate fall risks. Visit includes an In-Home Safety evaluation, assessment, and education for preventing falls.  

Diabetic Patients - Program seeks assistance in understanding the disease process; including nutrition, (self) glucose monitoring, and medication information/ compliance.  

High System Utilizers - Program seeks to include patients that have dependency of     9-1-1 system; providing education and assisting them with locating additional resources within the community.   

Chronic Respiratory/ Congestive Heart Disorders - Program seeks to help ensure understanding the disease process, nutrition, medication information/ compliance, weight management, and self- monitoring.   

Mental Health - Program seeks to help ensure understanding, medication information/ compliance, and locating resources outside of an Emergency Department that has specialty.  

Substance Abuse - Program seeks to assist, locate resources available within the community (outside of an emergency setting).