Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a fire engine or rescue truck respond ahead of the private ambulance to medical emergencies?  Fire stations are strategically located to provide rapid response to all kinds of emergencies. All fire fighters are trained as either Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics. Every fire engine and rescue truck is Advanced Life Support equipped with lifesaving equipment and at least one Paramedic. It is the best use of our resources. 

Why do you use motorcycles? 
The motorcycle is an efficient means of response for our Paramedics (Motor-Medics) who can reach patients with advance lifesaving care even when traffic is gridlocked on race days, bike week, Biketoberfest and other special events. 

How can I get a Daytona Beach Fire Department uniform patch?
With homeland security issues as they currently stand, we can no longer fulfill any requests for our uniform patch. 

What is your average response time to emergencies?
About 4 minutes. 

How many calls for emergency service do you get each year? 
In 2020 we responded to 18,156 calls. In 2019 we responded to 18,441 calls.

What is Daytona Beach’s Insurance Services Office rating?

Our rating is Class 2; class 1 is the best, class 10 the worst.

How big is your service area and population?
We serve 68 square-miles with 70,000 permanent residents. On race days or other special events we may have up to 400,000 people inside our city limits.

How many stations does your Department have?
The Daytona Beach Fire Department has seven stations.  

How many fire fighters are on each fire engine?
A minimum of three and a maximum of four, including a lieutenant, an engineer and one or two fire fighters.  

What is a fire fighter’s work schedule?
Firefighters work 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty, year round including weekends and holidays.