Trespass Arrest Site Program

The Daytona Beach Police Department Trespass Arrest Site program enables owners of a vacant residence, vacant building, parcel lot or business to sign a document to allow officers to arrest any persons found on their property. This enables officers to arrest on site of violation on the owner’s behalf.  

This PDF document acts as a legally binding agreement that the owner will pursue charges on the subject without their presence. This PDF document details the legal requirements for property owners to participate.  

The property must be properly posted with signage according to the Florida state statute.  Businesses and vacant lots are valid for twenty-four (24) months and vacant residence and buildings are valid for twelve (12) months. 

Each active property owner is sent a renewal letter, which includes the forms, one month prior to expiration. This allows for adequate time to have the documentation notarized and returned to the Daytona Beach Police Department for site inspection.

If the renewal or application is denied, the requestor will be given a call to inform them what needs to be done to comply and the site will be re-inspected.

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    Heather Jasminski

    Trespass Arrest Site Coordinator