Firefighter (Recruit) Sponsorship Program

The Daytona Beach Fire Department offers two full-time paid options for our Firefighter (Recruit) Sponsorship Program. The program offers full-time pay with benefits along with department paid tuition (in-state rate), books, and other program expenses. Once the two required programs are complete, candidate becomes a full-time Daytona Beach Firefighter with benefits commensurate the position.

The Non-Certified Process, is for candidates who do not possess either of the required certifications (Fire and EMT). The Single Cert/Current Student Process, is for candidates who have completed or are actively enrolled in one of the required programs and will be sponsored for the remaining certification.

Within 15 months of full-time Firefighter status, department will pay for employee to attend an approved Paramedic Program. Once employee is a cleared Paramedic, they will begin receiving additional annual incentive pay (currently $5,824).


Firefighter Certificate of Compliance  

In order to obtain a Florida Firefighter Certificate of Compliance, student must complete the 492 hours of training and education along with written and practical exams. The Fire Program schedule is a 15-week program Monday thru Friday 8-5.  

Emergency Medical Technician Certificate (EMT)

To obtain a Florida EMT License, student must complete 330 hours or training to include 90 hours of clinical experiences with pre-hospital agencies and hospital emergency room. The EMT Program schedule is 12-weeks with classes 3 days a week. 
Firefighter outside station 1

Non-Certified Process - Level 1

Applicant will be required to successfully obtain a State of Florida Firefighter Certificate of Compliance and a State of Florida Emergency Medical Technician license.

Level 1;  Starting Salary  $36,592                                                                                                  Level 1 - Enrollment into first certificate program, at which time the student will be paid with benefits as a 40 hour employee with the Daytona Beach Fire Department. 

Single Cert/Current Student Process - Level 2

Applicants will have already received one of the two required certificates (Firefighter Certificate of Compliance or EMT Certificate) or are actively enrolled in one of the required programs.

Level 2; Starting Salary $41,592 

Level 2 enrollment is when one certificate has already been earned and applicant is or will be enrolling in the second required program. 

Application Process

  • Complete application, written aptitude test, physical ability test, and complete 16 hours of ride along experience (8 hours for Level 2 applicants). 
  • Panel and/or Chiefs Interview
  • Psychometric Evaluation 
  • Pre-employment Evaluations consist of a background check, driver's license verification, drug screening, and health physical 

Daytona Beach Firefighter Benefits

Starting Salary $46,592

20-Year Pension Plan (3% multiplier)

Health, Dental, Life Insurance Options

One On/Two Off (24/48) Work Schedule

         10-Day per Month Work Schedule (once dual certified)

Special Detail Pay = $40/hr

Paramedic Incentive = $5,824 ($2.00/hr)

Several Other Incentives Pays: Fire Officer Certifications, Special Teams, Relief Driver, SCBA Repair Tech

Educational Pay = Associates Degree $600/year, Bachelor’s Degree $1,320/year

Educational Reimbursement = $1,000/year