Commercial Pumping

After completing the FOG discharge permit application, facilities are required to employ a certified commercial waste hauler to pump its grease separator and must schedule a pumping promptly if unable to provide proof of pumping within the last three months. 

A list of certified haulers which service the City of Daytona Beach area can be found here.

At the time of pumping, the hauler is obligated to provide your facility with a waste disposal manifest and to also provide the municipality a copy within seven days. The facility is then required to retain this manifest on site with their discharge permit for a period of one year for reference during inspection. The October 2022 revision of the City of Daytona Beach disposal manifest can be found here.

After this first documented pumping, facilities are then permitted and assigned a required pumping frequency of every 3 months (quarterly) without a variance by the City of Daytona Beach's FOG program. This assigned pumping frequency is mandatory for all permitted facilities; only after two pumping’s at this frequency can businesses become eligible for pumping frequency adjustments. A variance is made using the required pumping manifests. After adding the estimated top grease cap and the estimated bottom solids together and subtracting them from the total depth of water inside tank, you are left with a percentage amount that must not exceed 25 percent. Lower percentages can reduce the amount of pumping while larger percentages can force more pumping frequency.  

Failure by a facility to meet these requirements may result in non-compliance notices and further enforcement.

State statutes relating to proper grease waste disposal and removal can be found here.