Animal Control

The unit's primary function is the enforcement of animal-related city ordinances.


  • Patrol the city to locate and catch stray animals 
  • Respond to calls involving loose, injured, vicious or rabid animals and the mistreatment of animals
  • Investigate complaints and issue warnings to animal owners who refuse to comply with laws and ordinances

What We Don't Do

  • Handle calls involving wild animals (unless they're sick or injured)
  • Cannot go onto roofs or into basements to catch animals
  • Bees or wasps (wild or otherwise)

Want To Report A Violation?

Please call (386) 671-5455 or use our online form.

Have You Found A Pet? Or Lost One?

This Facebook page might help.

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    Taylor Cantrell

    Animal Control Officer
    Phone: (386) 671-5455