Economic Development

Department Mission

Our mission is to encourage economic development in Daytona Beach by retaining and facilitating the expansion of existing businesses, attracting new viable businesses to the area and fostering the development of complementary business clusters. We shall remain mindful of the community vision while recognizing the importance of cooperating with area, county, regional and statewide efforts to bring jobs to this area as they would positively impact business growth for the city.

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 VBR-Pulse-Survey-graphicTo gauge ways to develop or enhance existing programs for the business community, Volusia Business Resources’ (VBR) affiliated partners have developed a quick pulse survey series. We’re asking businesses to take one minute to answer one quick question. Survey results and a new question will appear the following month.

 May Pulse Question

Have you been unable to fill positions in your business because applicants didn’t possess the skills needed?

  • No
  • Yes

If yes, what were the skills needed that applicants lacked?

Answer this month's VBR pulse question.

  1. Brown J

    Jeff Brown

    Economic and Strategic Opportunities Director