Economic Development

Department Mission

Our mission is to encourage economic development in Daytona Beach by retaining and facilitating the expansion of existing businesses, attracting new viable businesses to the area and fostering the development of complementary business clusters. We shall remain mindful of the community vision while recognizing the importance of cooperating with area, county, regional and statewide efforts to bring jobs to this area as they would positively impact business growth for the city.

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Economic Development Partnerships - Voluntarily formed to enhance economic development.

  • Team Volusia - working to support business growth by recruiting new business for successful job creation and capital investments.  
  • Volusia County Economic Development - encourages new investment and is dedicated to sustaining economic growth. 
  • CEO Business Alliance - is a community based philanthropCEOBusinessAlliance.JPG Opens in new windowic 501c6 corporation comprised of CEOs and Chairmen of boards of highly successful private-sector corporations located in Volusia County. The CEO of each of the Alliance sponsors has committed their financial resources and time to the single mission of expanding the local economy through job creation and retention.
  • Department of Economic Opportunity - DEO assists the Governor in advancing Florida's economy by championing the DepartEconomicOppor.JPG Opens in new windowstate's economic development vision and by administering state and federal programs and initiatives to help visitors, citizens, businesses, and communities.
  • Economic Development Video - This brief video, completed in late 2015 and narrated by Economic Development Director Emory Counts, describes some recently completed, in-progress and future economic development projects in Daytona Beach. Click on this link to view the video.


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