Daytona Beach Firefighter Training


The training division has a Fire Training Lieutenant and an EMS Training Lieutenant. The Training Division is responsible for the education and instruction of department personnel. Our focus in on equipping our highly trained firefighting and EMS force with the knowledge and skills to protect the citizens and visitors of Daytona Beach.  The Training Division has the responsibility to stay on the cutting edge of the evolution of the fire service. Additionally, the division is responsible for:

  • Department-wide training in all aspects of emergency mitigation
  • Federal, state, and local regulation compliance
  • New employee orientation and screening
  • Promotional testing and evaluation
  • Research and development

Training Facility

The department’s Training Tower is located at Fire Station #4 on Mason Avenue This training facility offers the department a safe area to perform training for all facets of the fire service including:

  • Confined space
  • Firefighting tactics
  • High angle rescue
  • High rise firefighting
  • Search and rescue

Continuing Education

Whether it is keeping up with the vast array of required certifications or teaching the classes for necessary life-saving knowledge, our training division is constantly striving to improve the level of service offered to our citizens and visitors of Daytona Beach through the education of our personnel.