Midtown Master Plan


April 13, 2010 Andrew Chin, Assistant Dean, Director of Architecture Programs, at Florida A&M University School of Architecture and his colleague, Professor Craig Huffman, were invited to the Midtown Redevelopment Area Board meeting to discuss their community outreach services and the possibility of creating a master plan for the Midtown area. The board endorsed the idea and on July 7, 2010 the City of Daytona Beach Community Redevelopment Agency approved a contract with Florida A&M University to create the Midtown Master Plan.


Over a dozen graduate architecture students joined Professor Huffman to survey the entire redevelopment area and interview residents and businesses. Several community workshops were held along with monthly updates at the Midtown Redevelopment Board meetings. Over 18 months later the public's vision of Midtown has crystallized into the final Master Plan. On December 13, 2011 the Midtown Redevelopment Area Board voted unanimously to forward the plan to the Community Redevelopment Agency for approval.

View the Plan

View the Midtown Master Plan (PDF).

For more information about the plan, please contact Michele Toliver, Project Manager, at (386) 671-8185.