Department Goal

The Utilities Department goal is to provide utility services at a reasonable rate to the public while ensuring public health and protecting the environment.

Billing Questions: (386) 671-8100

For all billing inquiries including information on opening a new account, discontinuing service, or making a payment, view the utility billing FAQs.

Best Tasting Water

February 2011, utilities staff won the gold medal for best-tasting water in the world (PDF) at the Berkeley Springs competition. This is the second time we have won this prestigious award. Fall 2010, utilities staff won the Florida Rural Water Association Contest for the best-tasting water in Florida award.

Congratulations to the hard-working men and women who staff the Ralph Brennan Water Plant, the central maintenance staff and to the laboratory staff, who provide the data used by water plant operators to ensure that the treatment process is optimized and all federal, state and county requirements are continually met.

Previous Awards

The water from city taps also won the 2007 bronze medal for the Purified Drinking Water Division in the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Contest. Daytona Beach was awarded the silver medal in 2004 and the gold medal in 2005. The contest is part of Berkeley Springs' Winter Festival of the Waters. Berkeley Springs draws high-caliber connoisseurs of water to judge for appearance, taste, smell, how the water feels in the mouth and aftertaste.

Utilities 24/7 Emergency Phone Number:

(386) 671-8815

The City of Daytona Beach Utilities Department makes inspections and maintains all city-owned ditches, canals and storm drain pipes and inlets. Learn how you can help help the city with its drainage system maintenance by watching the video below.

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