Doing Business with the City


The City of Daytona Beach purchases all types of goods and services to provide our citizens with quality programs and services. Vendors who want to do business with the city can obtain a vendor application. Submittal of the application will place the business in the vendor database, and will enable the vendor to receive written invitations for formal solicitations, i.e., those over the bid limit of $25,000, for the goods and services they have indicated that they offer. Competition for purchases under the bid limit is obtained by calling for multiple quotes, usually from vendors in the database.

Registration Benefits

While it's not necessary to be pre-registered to do business with the city, registering will put the vendor in a better position to be advised of pending city purchases. Interested vendors can check this website for current formal solicitations. The city also advertises in the legal section of the Daytona Beach News Journal and posts formal invitations on the bulletin board in the City Hall Purchasing Office.

Local Preference

Local vendors should also be aware of the local preference ordinance. This preference allows award of a formal solicitations to a local vendor when their bid is tied with, or is not more than 5% more than the low bid. Similar preference is given for awards of requests for proposals, where the selection is based on multiple factors, in addition to price.

Quality vendors are of paramount importance in ensuring quality service. Without them, the city cannot do its job. Please consider becoming one of the vendors that helps the city deliver the goods.