Black Heritage Trail

Yvonne Scarlett GoldenHeritage

From discovering a prehistoric archaeological site to founding a private school that has grown into a nationally recognized university, African-Americans have made significant contributions to our city’s heritage and history. This compilation was inspired by Daytona Beach native and first African-American mayor Yvonne Scarlett-Golden (1926-2006).

A special thanks to the historians and citizens who spent countless hours assembling the Black Heritage Trail, so that future generations are reminded of the important role that African-Americans played in the history and development of our community.


There are 18 sites highlighted on the Black Heritage Trail; however, they are not intended to be a complete, comprehensive listing of the many African-American accomplishments or historically significant sites in Daytona Beach.

Stops on the trail

1 - Samuel Butts

  1. Betty Goodman

    Betty Goodman

    Assistant City Manager/EEO & ADA Coordinator

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