Grant Application Process

Step One

Applicant completes the application with a detailed outline of the proposed project, including:

  • Photos, showing existing conditions.
  • Detailed drawing showing proposed improvements.
  • Scope of work.
  • Sample colors for facade and signs.
  • Project budget

Please bring the completed application with the above mentioned items to:

301 S. Ridgewood Avenue
Room 240
Daytona Beach, FL 32115-2451

Any questions call (386) 671-8180

Step Two

Redevelopment staff reviews the project to ensure compliance with program guidelines.

Step Three

Applicant presents plans to the Permits and Licensing Division for compliance with applicable building and design codes.

Step Four

Applicant commences work within 30 days of obtaining a building permit.

Step Five

Upon completion, redevelopment staff approves work and issues a Certificate of Completion. Applicant provides staff with documentation of project, permits, Certificate of Completion, canceled checks or paid receipts.

Important Notes

  • Projects must meet all city code requirements.
  • Applicants are responsible for acquiring necessary city permits.
  • All improvements must meet redevelopment design guidelines.
  • Projects must receive written approval from the redevelopment office before any work begins. Projects may require Historic Preservation Board or Community Redevelopment Agency approvals.
  • All improvements must complement the size and shape of the building's architectural style and the colors chosen shall be harmonious with the neighboring structures.
  • The applicant cannot owe the city any money.