Technical Rescue Team

Technical Rescue Team

The Team

The Technical Rescue Team (TRT) was formed in 1987 to respond to and safely mitigate rescues involving high-rise buildings, elevated amusement rides, bridges and radio towers. In 1995, the team’s responsibility extended to include confined spaces as well.

Team Members

The TRT consists of thirteen members from the Daytona Beach Fire Department. Four members are assigned to each shift with the remaining subject to call out status if needed. All team members are trained in current rope rescue practices and confined space rescue techniques. Department training is ongoing and includes monthly training (identified as Joint Response Training) with surrounding fire departments. This collective training agreement is designed to share information, improve rescue techniques and maximize limited manpower resources. To date this method of training has proven to be very successful.

Response Vehicle

The TRT’s response vehicle is a large panel truck redesigned to accommodate all the rope rescue and confined space equipment. This "Special Operations" vehicle is manned by two qualified Driver Engineers and responds to tall structure fires in addition to its "special operations" duties. Furthermore, this vehicle serves as the department’s command center and rehab unit. On a multiple response a second "Squad" vehicle would transport equipment and manpower to any TRT incident.

Team Rescues

The Daytona Beach Metropolitan area consists of numerous high-rises, several water towers, three high span bridges, radio towers, elevated amusement rides, and its share of confined spaces. To date the team has responded to and safely rescued victims from our cable car ride over the pier, successfully rescued an individual who was electrocuted atop a large billboard sign, and removed several deceased victims from a collapsed bridge with minimal risk to the rescue team.