Landscape Improvement Grant


The intent of the program is to improve the landscaping in the front and on scenic setbacks on major thoroughfares within the redevelopment areas.


Any commercial property along major thoroughfares or major corridors in redevelopment areas is eligible to apply for assistance. The following are major thoroughfares or corridors in redevelopment areas:

  • Atlantic Avenue (South Atlantic & Main Street Redevelopment Areas)
  • Beach Street (Downtown & Ballough Road Redevelopment Areas)
  • Fairview Avenue (Downtown & Ballough Road Redevelopment Areas)
  • George Engram Boulevard (Midtown Redevelopment Area)
  • International Speedway Boulevard (Midtown, Downtown, Main Street & Ballough South Atlantic Redevelopment Areas)
  • Main Street (Main Street Redevelopment Area)
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard (Midtown Redevelopment Area)
  • Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard (Midtown Redevelopment Area)
  • Mason Avenue (Ballough Road Redevelopment Area)
  • Nova Road (Midtown Redevelopment Area)
  • Oakridge Boulevard (Main Street Redevelopment Area)
  • Orange Avenue (Midtown & Downtown Redevelopment Areas)
  • Peninsula Drive (Main Street Redevelopment Area)
  • Ridgewood Avenue (Downtown Redevelopment Area)

Eligible projects

Visible improvement within front yards or scenic setbacks include:

  • Professional landscape designs and installation
  • Installation of irrigation system and irrigation meter (reuse water, if available)
  • Plant material and mulch
  • Hardscape plazas (where appropriate in pedestrian areas)
  • Decorative walls, fencing and planters

Project funding

Projects are funded up to 50% of the total project cost with no single grant exceeding $15,000. Improvements made using 100% Florida friendly plants from plant list may receive awards up to 75% of the total project cost with no single grant exceeding $15,000. Grant reimbursements are made over three years and are subject to maintenance of landscape improvements.


Properties are eligible for a Landscape Improvement Grant one time.

Additional information about the Landscape Improvement Grant program (PDF)

For an application, visit the Document Center (PDF) or call (386) 671-8180 for more information.