Juvenile Fire Setter Program

In response to fires started by juveniles, the Daytona Beach Fire Department offers an intervention program to ensure that the fire setting behavior will cease.

Without the proper education, a large percent of youths that have played with fire will do it again.

How the program works

This program is a one-to-one fire safety class for the child and parent. There will be an interview to understand the child's interest, age-appropriate activities and videos and a question and answer session for the family.

Referrals come from our on-duty fire department personnel, police departments and the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). If the program is ordered by the DJJ, we are required to provide information back to the judge. This could include referrals to social services and additional counseling to benefit the child.

Myths versus Facts

It is normal for children to play with fire.Although curiosity about fire is common, playing with or setting fires is not typical.
Fire setting is a phase children will outgrow.
This is not a phase. Youths need the proper education or they will continue to experiment with fire.
If your child only sets small fires, you don't need to worry.
Small fires and large fires all start the same. Any fire can quickly get out of control and endanger lives, especially when being handled by a youth.
Telling your children not to play with fire or punishing them if they have will cure the problem.
These measures are often not enough to ensure no further fire play for children who are interested in fire. Discovering why the child has an interest, teaching them about fire in a safe manner and limiting access to matches and lighters often are more successful.


If you know of a child between the ages of 2 to 16 who has started a fire or has played with matches/lighters, please call for information about these opportunities for help at the Juvenile Intervention Section (386)671-4013.