The Purchasing Division’s primary purpose is to acquire goods and/or services offering the best value, consistent with required specifications, from responsive and responsible vendors so that proper and efficient operations are maintained within the City through procedures bound together by ethics, integrity, and professionalism.


The City has transitioned to a new online bid platform powered by Negometrix, which is completely FREE for all participants.  Vendors seeking to do business with the City are encouraged to register on the platform.  Vendors registered prior to 6-1-20 will NOT automatically be registered in the new platform.    All solicitations, addenda, changes, and other publicly released information will be released through this platform.    

Registration with Negometrix is free and is required prior to submitting a bid response.  Vendors already registered with Negometrix to receive solicitations from another agency do not need to register again.  Vendors interested in a specific solicitation are encouraged to register at least 24 hours in advance of the Offer Deadline to ensure proper registration.  

Make sure that an active email is included and that all NIGP Commodity codes are selected for the goods and services offered by the Vendor or in which the Vendor is interested as a sub or supplier.  When a new solicitation is issued, vendors listing commodity codes related to the solicitation will be notified through email.    If assistance is needed, contact the Negometrix service desk at 724-888-5294 or email to servicedesk.us@negometrix.com


As of June 1, 2020, Bids and Proposals (“offers”) MUST be submitted online through the Negometrix platform.  NO PAPER RESPONSES WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Bidders wishing to submit offers will be required to register once they click the PARTICIPATE BUTTON in the solicitation file.  

Once a company has registered, Bidders will be able to submit Offers securely at any time prior to the Offer Deadline, at https://app.negometrix.com/buyer/1281/tenders by clicking the Participate button in the solicitation.  Offers submitted will remain sealed, locked, and inaccessible until the offer deadline.

Local Preference

The City has a local preference ordinance for formal solicitations. The Local Preference clause may be found in the Purchasing Code, Chapter 30-86 of the City’s Code of Ordinances (PDF). Some solicitations prohibit the application of local preference. For ITB’s, if a vendor meeting the Purchasing Code’s definition of a "local vendor" submits a bid that is within 10% of the lowest bid, then the local vendor and lowest (non-local) vendor will have the opportunity to submit a best and final offer that is equal to or lower than the amount of their original bid. Local preference provisions are also in place for RFPs.

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