Police Officer Benefits

Check out the perks and requirements that come with being part of Daytona Beach's finest!

  • Starting salary $49,065 (23.58 hourly) / Starting salary in Oct. 2022 $50,537 ($24.29 hourly)
  • 12-hour shifts (every other weekend off)
  • Nine [9] paid holidays per year (plus your birthday and employee appreciation day)
  • Take-home car program
  • Career development training
  • Educational incentives plan
  • Employee fitness center
  • Health insurance (provided with an option to include family members at a nominal cost)
  • Life insurance (no cost)
  • Military/previous Law Enforcement experience buy-back (five [5] years maximum)
  • Military reserve leave
  • Paid holidays, annual and sick leave (earned at a rate based on length of employment)
  • Paid uniform cleaning
  • Pension program (3% multiplier with 20-year retirement)
  • Personal leave accrual (192 hours per year)
  • Personal leave one-time buyback (40, 60 or 80 hours annually)
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Specialized police-related training courses
  • Specialty training
  • Tuition reimbursement program (in furtherance of higher educational efforts)
  • Uniforms, equipment and firearm issued at no cost to you
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    Jason Dungan

    Recruiting Officer