Criminal Investigations

This division is responsible for overseeing the following units:

  • Advanced Technology & Cyber Crimes (ATAC)These detectives investigate all high-tech crimes, including crimes involving the internet, system intrusion and the dark web. They are trained in the latest computer forensic techniques, allowing them to perform digital forensics on a variety of electronic devices. 
  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Auto Theft (VIPER): Specializes in solving vehicle thefts, including groups who steal vehicles for parts. 
  • Aviation (Drones)These officers utilize the latest in Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) technology for a variety of functions, including locating missing people, fleeing fugitives, crowd management during large events and crash reconstruction. These officers also investigate complaints involving UAS within the city, keeping the airspace safe for everyone.
  • Cold Case: Dedicated to solving the unsolved crimes of long ago.
  • CompStat: A group of civilian personnel who create bi-weekly reports which our command staff uses to track and combat crime trends.
  • Crime Scene: Responsible for processing all crime scenes for evidence.
  • Criminal Intelligence: These detectives investigate gang activity and other large-scale evets that could impact the safety of our citizens and act as a liaison with other local, state and federal agencies.  
  • Fraud: These detectives investigate a wide variety of fraud and financial crimes, ranging from online scams and check frauds to multi-million-dollar organized crime. 
  • Homicide: Dedicated to solving all murders in the Daytona Beach area.
  • Identification Technician
  • Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC): These detectives investigate cases of child exploitation, including online enticement, human trafficking, cyber bullying and child pornography.  These detectives are also cross-trained in digital forensics.
  • Major Case
  • Narcotics: This unit investigates, disrupts and dismantles narcotics operations in the greater Daytona Beach area. The success of this unit depends on the constant cooperation and communication with our community as well as our state and federal law enforcement partners.
  • Problem-Oriented Policing (POP): A unit which identifies specific issues in residential neighborhoods and works to eliminate those issues through various means, including legal.
  • Property Crimes: Responsible for investigating residential, commercial, vehicle and vessel burglaries along with thefts and vandalisms. 
  • Persons Crimes: These detectives investigate aggravated assaults/batteries, child/elder abuse, domestic violence, hate crimes, stalking and any other crime against a person.
  • Real Time Crime Center (RTCC): A group of civilian and sworn personnel who use various technological tools to monitor crime in real time throughout the Daytona Beach area. 
  • Robberies
  • Special Investigations
  • Sex Crimes: These detectives investigate sexual assaults against both adults and children in conjunction with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Child Protection Team (CPT).
  • Victim Advocate: Provides assistance with safety planning, compensation applications, assistance referrals and legal support to any crime victims.
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