What is a city charter?
Of all levels of government, local government is by far the most common point of contact for normal citizens. A lot is expected of local government. Local governments provide a vast array of services to residents from public safety to utilities, solid waste management, recreation, transportation, stormwater management and much more as determined by the local citizenry. A charter is the foundation of a local government and functions as the municipal equivalent of a state or federal constitution setting out guiding principles for governance and the basic rules or governmental operations.

One of the most interesting things about local government charters is each one is a distinct reflection of its community. Because a charter is the document that allows citizens to determine their own structure of government within state-prescribed legal limits, a charter is, in many ways, a manifestation of a community’s values, and one important way that a local government controls its own destiny.

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1. What is a city charter?
2. Why review the charter?
3. What should be changed?
4. What is the legal basis for charters?
5. What are the different forms of government? What type does Daytona Beach have?
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