What should be changed?
Not every local government issue is a charter issue. Most problems local governments face have nothing to do with the quality of their charter. Many, if not most, concerns about the workings of local government can and should be handled in other ways.

According to the National Civic League, as a general rule, charter amendments should be utilized to address issues that cannot be successfully addressed by: 1) The passage of ordinances, 2) By the reorganization of municipal departments, 3) By changes to municipal funding, 4) By new officials in office and 5) By state, regional or federal initiatives.

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1. What is a city charter?
2. Why review the charter?
3. What should be changed?
4. What is the legal basis for charters?
5. What are the different forms of government? What type does Daytona Beach have?
6. Why change forms of government?