What are some potential signs of gang involvement?
  • Specific colors or emblems on jackets, hats, etc.
  • Special hand signals
  • Unique tattoo symbols and lettering
  • Gang symbols on walls (such as graffiti), books or clothing
  • Clothing (hats, bandannas, etc.) suggesting group or gang involvement
  • Possession of unexplained large sums of money
  • Changes in attitude: violent reactions, disruptive behavior, refusal to respect authority figures
  • Secretive behavior regarding activities and locations
  • Changes in friends
  • Truancy or poor school performance
  • Phone calls from individuals who either refuse to identify themselves, give unusual nicknames or use a nickname to identify your child
  • Negative contact with school officials and law enforcement officers
  • Involvement with known or suspected gang members
  • Interest in or possession of weapons (guns, knives, etc.)

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1. What are some potential signs of gang involvement?
2. Why do children join gangs?
3. What can parents do to prevent their children from joining gangs?
4. What are some tips for parents?