Who pays this fee?
Stormwater Management Rates Per Ordinance #98-101-107

It is necessary to provide storm water draining facilities throughout the city's public right of ways in order that the health, safety, and welfare of the city's inhabitants may be protected. It is the intent and purpose of this article to provide authority to levy fees against all owners, tenants, or occupants whose property impacts the storm management facilities or who enjoy benefits therefrom and provide the city with a rational means for imposition of such fees to be used for the construction of improvements and extension of the facilities, maintenance, and administration.

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1. Who pays this fee?
2. Isn't this just another tax?
3. When and how do I pay this fee?
4. When did the city start charging this fee?
5. I have homestead exemption. Why am I being charged?
6. I have a well or septic tank. Why should I be charged?
7. What does the city do with this money?
8. Stormwater doesn't leave my property. Why should I have to pay?