What does the city do with this money?
The fee is used to:
  • Support stormwater maintenance and operations division
  • Fund the Stormwater Engineering Section to study, plan, design, and construct stormwater treatment and flood prevention projects
  • Investigate drainage problems
  • Ensure the city’s compliance with state, federal and local stormwater permits and mandates
  • Monitor water quality in the city’s water bodies

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1. Who pays this fee?
2. Isn't this just another tax?
3. When and how do I pay this fee?
4. When did the city start charging this fee?
5. I have homestead exemption. Why am I being charged?
6. I have a well or septic tank. Why should I be charged?
7. What does the city do with this money?
8. Stormwater doesn't leave my property. Why should I have to pay?