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Utility Billing Agreement


  2. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and in an effort to assist customers with financial burdens, the City of Daytona Beach suspended its “disconnection for nonpayment” policy in March 2020. This policy was re-established in May 2021, and disconnections for nonpayment will resume in August 2021. To avoid future late fees or disconnections, you can arrange a payment plan. 

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  4. Check below if you can't pay your balance in full at once. You will need to pay future bills and an installment amount.
  5. I agree to pay The City of Daytona Beach Utility Billing Department the installment payments as specified in the agreement I am requesting.  I understand that it is my responsibility to pay my monthly utility bill (including installment amount from this agreement) no later than the due date noted on the agreement. Should I not pay my monthly bill in full, I understand my account is subject to penalty fees and disconnection of service until the account is brought current.

    By submitting this form you are requesting a customer service representative contact you to discuss the terms of a payment plan. The payment plan agreement does not go into effect until confirmed by a customer service representative. 

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