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1. Why is the program necessary?
2. What defines a property as being a rental property?
3. Who is responsible for registering the property?
4. Is there a fee charged for registration and inspection?
5. How often will a rental unit need to be inspected?
6. How will the order of inspection be determined?
7. Where do I submit my application and payment?
8. When will inspections be done?
9. Is the property owner required to be present during the inspection?
10. Will tenants be allowed to attend the inspections?
11. Will the property owner receive documentation of the inspection results?
12. Will additional fees be required if repairs are determined during the inspection?
13. How much time will be given to the property owner or agent to make corrections found to be unsatisfactory during the inspection?
14. Who performs the inspections?
15. How can I schedule an inspection?
16. How long does an inspection take?
17. What preparations should be made involving animals prior to inspections?
18. Does the inspection take place both inside and outside of the residence?
19. Will my older building be forced to comply with today’s more stringent construction codes?
20. Do all units require smoke detectors?
21. Is the property owner required to obtain permits for minor repair work?
22. Does it matter who does the actual repairs?
23. What if the property owner ignores their required participation in the program?