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1. What if I have health concerns?
2. If my pet(s) breathe in the smoke will they be hurt?
3. Will the smoke hurt my pet(s)?
4. Do I have to bathe my pet(s) if they come in contact with the smoke?
5. Do I need to be home when the testing happens?
6. What happens if the smoke enters my home or business?
7. How long will the smoke testing take?
8. Vacant units/houses -– what if they can’t or don’t have a way to add water to their dry drains, etc?
9. If people are not home and they have issues (smoke in the house) how will they know?
10. If they have home sitters, etc. should they have them in the house to see if there is a leak?
11. What is the advantage to staying home and finding out if there is a leak in their homes/units?
12. Condo Management – what is best for them to prepare with a large number of vacant units?